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Respected Director,

Subject: Substantial Reduction in monthly and yearly operating cost / expenditure

We have developed following New low cost techniques which provides large amount of Value
Addition in our conventional industrial washing process :

No Technology Developed Features Value Addition
1. Aqua-base cleaning
solvent system
  1. Removes rust, burr, dust
    and oil particles.
  2. Glaze and improves
    aesthetics of component.
  3. Rust prevention for
    defined period.
  4. Works at low temp.
  5. Works for low pressure.
  6. Penetrates deep in blind
  7. Dimensions of jobs
    remain unaffected.
  8. Efficient degreaser/oil
  1. Operating cost less.
  2. Electrical cost saving.
  3. Ecofrienldly solvent.
  4. pH value - 7.
  5. Easy disposable.
  6. Woks as a substitute
    for TCE ( tri-chloro-
    ethylene )
2. SSMJ Technique ( six
side moving jet
  1. Scan the component by
    pressure jet line from all
    six sides.
  2. Pressure jet line moves
    in XY , XZ planes to
    cover entire component.
  3. Mechanical , thermal and
    chemical energies work
    in tandem.
  4. Mechanical , thermal and
    chemical energies are
    integrated to produce
    optimum washing effect
    with glaze.
  1. Minimum tank volume.
  2. Minimum electricity.
  3. Minimum solvent cost.
  4. Jobs are washed with glaze.
  5. Minimm operating cost.
3. Fost (Fast oil
seperation technique.
  1. Works on specific gr. Diff,
    surface tension diff,
    liquid attains its own
    level and zero turbulence.
  2. Instantly separates oil,
    floating particles.
  1. Improves cleaning
    solution life.
  2. Improves washing
    quality with consistency.
4. Pitch less conveyor.
  1. Work basket is made
  2. Washing, drying compartments
    size is made different.
  1. Minimum space.
  2. Increase in production.
5. Manipulator with weightless
  1. Lifts the pay load up to
    100 kg from ground to
    1000 mm.
  2. Arm radius 2000 mm.
  3. Arm tertiary radius - 400 mm.
  4. Stations load at desired ht.
  5. Job revolving facility at tertiary radius.
  1. Lifts and clamps the
    load with ease.
  2. Operates on pn pressure.
  3. Can unload job
    from VMC / HMC.
  4. Can load job with
    defined orientation
    to VMC / HMC.
  5. Avoids heavy roof
    structures and
    saves the cost.
6. Linear - Circular -
Linear Conveyor
  1. Easy to operate design.
  2. Circular motion
    without clamps.
  3. Payload - 80 kg.
  4. Job Travel - Linear -
    Circular - Linear.
  1. Drying Enhanced.
  2. CY - time reduced.
  3. Consistency.
  4. Rust prevention period time.

We extend our co-operation to find complete solution in following areas.
  1. Rust removal and prevention for defined period.

  2. Industrial component washing with millpore value.

  3. Metal surface finish.

  4. Parameters of industrial washing process.

  5. Removal of surface discontinuities prior to any coating.

  6. Oil separation.
We now look forward to receive your esteem enquiries regarding areas mentioned above.
For Madhusha Industries,
P. M. Medhekar - 09860924034