"We are using Madhusha's Industrial Washing Machine for Crankshafts. It is based on Liquid Surface Elastic Technique. It is supplied with 'U' Tube Oil Separator cum Liquid Concentration Control System. Supplied machine is working satisfactorily."

Associate V.P. (Mfg. Engg.)
Machined Components Division.

The Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited

"We are using Dunking Cleaning System. This system is checked and found effective in cleaning the PCB's manufactured at our division. It can be used as an alternative to Ultrasonic cleaning machine."


     Vickers Systems International Limited

"We are using Leakage Testing Machine for detecting leakage in various hydraulics pumps. We found it working satisfactorily since last three years."

Manager QA

"We are using DCB-03; Industrial Pressure Cleaning systems to clean Brass & MS KKF fasteners. This system is based on Buoyant Force Method."

Mr.Shirish Awate

"Madhusha Make Industrial Washing Machine is working satisfactorily since last three years at our works."


Spaco Carburattors (India) Ltd.

"Madhusha's supplied Industrial Pressure Cleaning System is working satisfactorily since last Five years."

Works Manager