• Industrial Pressure Cleaning System
  • Models Chamber Dimension Wt. Capacity Prices With Std. Accessories* (INR)
    DRY-03/REV 900x600x500 20 kg 3,25,000/-
    DCB-03/SPL 900x600x500 20 kg 4,50,300/-
    DCB-HY-02 1400x1400x800 80 kg 6,60,000/-
    GRD-FLF-250L 300x700x1400 250L 86,500/-
    LTM-01 450x300x500 10 wc 3,25,000/-

    Std. Accessories*
    1. Canopy

    2. Revolving/Fixed SS/Nylon Work Basket

    3. Filtration system Without Filter

    4. Speedy Oil Separator cum level Controller Sytem

    5. Exhaust with 450mm Chimney

  • Leakage Testing Machine
  • Filterless Filtration System
  • Three Stage Conveyorised Washing Machine
  • Component Drying Machine


We undertake responsibility for setting process for Industry Washing.
We offer complete solution to Industrial Component Washing Requirement on turn key basis.

We also offer Turnkey solution to your degreasing / washing requirements including selection of model and selection of solvent, Eco friendly degreasing solvent applicable to Ferrous, NonFerrous, and alloy component.

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