Industrial Pressure Cleaning System : DCB-0*/SPL

Specification :

Pressure Cleaning By Liquid Surface Elasticity
Salient Features:
  • Acceptable To ISO 14000

  • Acceptable To Single Flow Line

  • Meets Osha Standards

  • Solid State Design

  • Immidiate Access To Cleaning

  • Eco Friendly Operator Friendly

  • Totally Automatic

  • Low Cost Automation

  • Bi-Direction Cleaning Cleaning Force

  • Boyant Force Activated

  • Low Operating Maintenence Cost

  • Answers Milli-Pore Test

  • Industrial Washing Made Easy, Economical, Consistent, Matching ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Standards.
    Dunking and revolving technique introduced first time in India. Job is rotated at 15 degree/dunk/stroke. For rotation same dunking force is used.

    Pressure Cleaning By Liquid's Boyant Force

    Madhusha make Industrial Pressure Cleaning System with auto skimmer is latest and designed to meet every requiremrnt of shop floor in every industry.


    If a object/job is hit on the surface of liqiud with certain force and maximum body resistance. The liquid apply equal amount of force in opposite direction.This is called bi-directional cleaning.


    A SS basket filled with jobs to be cleaned is connected to Pneumatic Cylinder(P.C.). P.C. is made to travel vertical desired distance(40 to 400 mm)in forward and reverse direction with desired speed within hot cleaning medium.Thus downward and upward thrust are produced which co-act alternately. During the upward cleaning medium enters intricate shapes, holes with force. The push/pull forces developed by the process flushes out lose dirt, burr, oil particle.

    Major Parts:

    • Ms Sturdy Fabricated Sturdy Angle Frame
    • SS 304 Cleaning Tank With Trough
    • Solid State Control Pannel
    • Auto Skimmer
    • Oil Seperator Cum Level And Concentration Control System
    • SS Filtration System/Centrifuge Separator
    • Cold/Hot Air Drying System


    Hollow Screw, Nozzles, Jets, DV Pin, Bearing Caps, Pressure Bolts, Carburettors, Tanum Master Cylinder Valve Body, Crank Pin, PCB, Crank Case , Meter Body, Crank Shatf, Speed Gear, Plassic Bins,Fasteners and Many More.